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Early Explorers -
Early Intervention Program

What is the Early Explorers - Early Intervention program?

Our Early Explorers Program was recently featured on KOAA News Channel 5!

Early Explorers is a part of our early intervention program that focuses on school readiness for children who are under age 7, preparing for or just starting school. This program shifts a focus to skills that will help children be more independent and successful in the school setting, such as participating in a group, following group instructions and social skills. This program is overseen by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. Speech and OT are also available as needed, for those who qualify.

A number of our clients attend Early Explorers instead of a typical preschool to help better prepare them for kindergarten.

If your kiddo is under age 4 and not ready for Early Explorers we have our ABA programming that focuses on play and communication skills that is provided in home or in center.

Latest research in Autism shows that early intervention is a cornerstone for children under age seven, aimed at making rapid improvements during critical windows of early child development.

  • Early identification and intervention can make a significant difference in long-term outcomes!

  • A primary focus of our early intervention program is language development and parent training.

  • Our experienced team of professionals and state of the art equipment maximize this crucial time for meeting developmental milestones.

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